Boracay Island Boracay Island – Perfect Beach Destination

Boracay Island – Perfect Beach Destination

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Boracay Island – Perfect Beach Destination


I have to start this article with an honest confession, the last time I had been to Goa is 2001 on a college trip and yeah it has been 17 years I haven’t been to Goa which is just 500kms from my home in Mumbai. Should I be embarrassed? Yes. A little. Not anymore because I visited Boracay Island.

Little did I know that when I would be boarding that small aircraft to Caticlan Airport, I had enrolled myself into a thrilling experience on an island full of fun, beautiful people, lip smacking sea food, and all this on an adventure island called the Boracay Island.

Considering you will fly from India, we do not have direct flights to the Philippines, however we have connecting flights via Singapore or Malaysia. What I prefer is the Singapore route with a transit time of more than 6 hours between the next connect. That is because I get to do a Singapore city tour while I wait for my next connect towards Manila. It works for me because traveling makes me happy. Once you land in Manila, you could hop on to another flight to Caticlan Airport flying on board Air Swift. Trust me, their onboard food is yum. When you land at Caticlan Airport, head to the boat jetty and they take you to “The Boracay Island” the beaches, the sand, the food you had been waiting for. Now that you are here, let me tell you few things you have to do when you are at Boracay Islands.

caticlan boat jetty Boracay Island – Perfect Beach Destination
Caticlan Boat Jetty


Accommodation in Boracay

You will get hotels ranging from backpacker hostels to luxurious hospitality. I was put up at The Lind and the hospitality was brilliant. The rooms were jaw dropping. You get off the hotel and you enter the beach. The staff so courteous, I was humbled by their kindness and level of professionalism they portrayed. When I go back to Boracay Island, the Lind is where I’m staying at again.


Boracay Island Boracay Island – Perfect Beach Destination
Boracay Island


Adventure Island Activities

  • Helmet Diving – 

    I don’t know how to swim (another confession) and wanted to experience whats under the sea.  They had something called helmet diving for me. I was like, I still don’t know swimming because I’m gonna be under the sea, am I not? Then arrived the instructor who explained how objects become lighter under water and the 25kg helmet wouldn’t feel heavy at all, plus the oxygen supply is sent to the helmet from the boat. I was convinced, as I had 4 divers around me for my safety and I had to do Helmet Diving. Once under the water, the feeling is wow. Amazing fishes around you, corals, blue water, the sea bed. I would never forget that experience. Do it, and send me a video (yeah the divers click photos and videos under water).

  • Parasailing – 

    I’m sure you have heard about this one, the difference here is, the jet boats are more powerful and you can choose to para sail along with another person with the same parachute. Parasailing during evenings is a beautiful sight. See the photo below? Credits to Joshi Daniel

boracay parasailing Boracay Island – Perfect Beach Destination
Boracay Parasailing


  • Island Hopping –

    This is a fun activity because firstly, the boats that you get into for this are weird, old, wooden boats. Then you go hopping Islands and visit the Crystal Cove Island, then do snorkeling around your boat. Best time to chill.

  • Cliff Diving – 

    When you go island hopping, you reach the Crystal Cove Island where you get to cliff diving into crystal clear water. A must do activity for people who like jumping off heights. Safe and guided by professionals.

  • The Yellow Submarine –

    Unlike helmet diving, the yellow submarine is an actual submarine which take 25 people under the sea in an air conditioned arrangement. Each of us gets a round window to sea whats happening under the sea. Scuba Divers use aquatic food to attract fish near the submarine and also perform stunts for you. A beautiful experience if you want to sit and admire the sea, corals, rocks under the sea and the fish.

Crystal Cove Island Boracay Island – Perfect Beach Destination
Crystal Cove Island


  • Flying Fish –

    Ever been on a banana boat ride? Well, the Flying Fish is a little aggressive version of the same. Got to hold on tight. The thing gets pulled by a Jet boat and all you do is bounce up and down the water, sounds crazy, imagine the fun. You’ve got to do it. This ride does have age restrictions though.

  • Food Hopping –

    OK! now this is the best part. When you go for a stroll on the beach in the evening, you will find innumerable restaurants serving some of the best delicacies Boracay has to offer. Just get into any restaurant and have delicious sea food. Please have some calamari for me. And not to forget San Miguel Beer.

And when you are done with all that, you deserve a massage. A soothing massage under a coconut tree offered by the locals. They even do hair braiding, henna tattoos, and nail care. If you are a shopping freak, then D-Mall is the place for you. You will love it. And thank me for suggesting the place later.

Well that is what i would leave you with as of now, as I really feel that you should explore the place on your own too and have your own version of the same. Do share your ideas and comments with me. Would love to add more to this article with credits to your contribution. Feel free to reach me if you have questions. Would love to answer. Enjoy your adventurous time at the Boracay Island.


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  1. Oh, your post makes me remind of my trip to Boracay three years ago. I love the cliff jumping at Ariel’s Point and wanna come back there. Nevertheless, I don’t know when it is reopened to welcome tourists.

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