Pushkar 2019 People in my Frame – A Photo Blog

People in my Frame – A Photo Blog

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20 thoughts on “People in my Frame – A Photo Blog

  1. Such gorgeous colours! Looking at your photos always makes me feel happy and hopeful ❤
    Happy. Thank you. More please.

  2. Such amazing portrait shots. ❤️

  3. Truth. ?️?️

  4. I’ve following your journey since 2015 and have seen a lot of beautiful transformation in the way you present your artwork…!
    From the time you posted B&W shots to the time when you started producing rich and vibrant astonishing colorful pics, you’ve come a long way.
    Your photos reveal your enthusiasm, your dedication, share a deep connection and tell a beautiful story about the places you have visited!

    Keep sharing your perspectives, hope to learn a lot from you in future as you well! ?

    1. I thank you so much sire!

  5. That picture from Barot Valley is my favorite <3<3<3

    1. haha i adore that picture too!

    1. I thank you so much my love!

  6. Hi Rufus really feel proud of your talent vry nice photography always wait for your new photos to see keep on rocking.

    1. i thank you so much Nitin!

  7. How amazing is this! Colors, expressions.. putting it all together ?
    Absolute love, this!

  8. Great pictures… and those faces- they all tell a story. Have been lucky enough to be a part of a couple of your journeys and experience a small slice of the simple joys of travel, which you call ‘your life’. Always keep us inspired , Rufus. Cheers…

  9. Beautiful piece of work sir

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