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The Chikmagalur Roadtrip – A Photo Story

The Chikmagalur Road Trip

A Photo Story


Being a traveler it has always been fun traveling solo or with a bunch of like-minded souls. This trip was one of those getaways where we had cars, motorcycles, the tar road, hills, highways, chai (no biriyani), rain, waterfalls, photo shoots, sleeping in tents, sweaty helmets, dance performances at 3AM and more.

In those 4 days we covered the greenery of Chikmagalur, Agumbe (The Malgudi Days), Shimoga and Jog Falls (Yeah it exists). And you will get to see a glimpse of what all we did in this trip as you scroll down.

It all started when Rufus Reynolds (aka Ramu Kaka) left home from Mumbai on the Triumph Bonneville Bobber and headed towards Hyderabad via Pune to meet his co-rider Majid Hussain (the guy in love) and then Karteek Sivagouni and Linga Reddy (these two guys had the luxury of 1 Suv each).

Andaleeb (Andy), Tejaswini (Teju) and Roydan (Android) were in Hyderabad already and hence they could join Karteek (Guruji) and Linga (Telugu movie star) on their way to Bangalore. Yes! Bangalore was the starting point of the trip. Well! For northern getaways we start from Delhi and for the south ones we start from Bangalore.



When both the cars and the 2 motorcycles reached Bangalore, we met the other gang of travelers all excited and eager to meet each other for the first time (after all the judging that happened on the Whatsapp group). We had Amit and Deepika (educated IT people) from Bangalore, Arpita (Entrepreneur) and Smruti (Girl rider and photographer) had arrived to Bangalore from Pune. Goutham Mukka (Heart of the group) arrived from Tirupati and he doesnt drink or smoke. Now if you count the names mentioned so far, we are 12! All set to go on this adventure to Chikmagalur.

jog falls
The Mischievous Lot


Important information about Chikmagalur?

Coming Soon…

8 thoughts on “The Chikmagalur Roadtrip – A Photo Story

  1. Aparna Warrier June 9, 2018 at 6:18 am

    Love the pictures… looks like a fun trip.. can’t wait to see more

    1. thanks a lot Aparna…you should join us someday!

  2. Nice clicks. Can’t wait to see and read more.

    1. Cheers! Thank you for your feedback! will update this one soon.

  3. really amazing blog

  4. someday i wanna go for a trip like this kaka

    1. sure thing…you can join me any time!

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