Who is Ramu Kaka

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I'm Rufus Reynolds from Mumbai. A Traveler by zeal and profession, it has taken me years to realize my inert passion and establish myself as a globetrotter in the making. I believe in presenting the regular from an infrequent perspective and strive to show every travel enthusiast around the world what lies out there for them to traverse. Every new location traveled to, and every new event I have the honor of being a part of, present to me a scope for creativity and artistic freedom that I utilize to bring forth uniqueness in my work. I believe in creating frames out of memories and not just photographs. I am a technology and automobile enthusiast and take a keen interest in understanding anything new that the fields have to offer. I am ever open to new opportunities to explore the world as we know it, and to discover what it has to offer.

What I Do

Just bragging about my creativity here.


Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Cambodia, England, Denmark, Philippines and Thailand are the countries which I have worked in/with as an excursionist or propagator of a brand-wagon and have many more countries awaiting to be explored. I aspire to be more of a global citizen by treading the entire globe through my travels and increasing my ability to connect with the farthest reaches of the world.


A wedding being an important event of an individual's life, Karteek Sivagouni and I ensure that we capture stories and not just good pictures. We believe in the art of being candid because that is what helps preserve memories. We make sure that our approach towards capturing your "Wedding Day" is unique and the outcome brings back emotions as you reminiscence over photographs even years later.


I have been given the opportunity to work with industries addressing varied facets of a traveler’s lifestyle. My work has won the patronage of Apple, Google, Adobe, Huawei, Triumph Motorcycles, Xiaomi, Asus, Royal Enfield, Suzuki Motorcycles, Ford India, Zoom Cars, Glenfiddich, Visit Copenhagen and Wildcraft to name a few organizations. Travel, Technology and Automobiles are my forte.

My Team

The creative bunch. Yeah. They complete me.


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